Another Networking Issue

rdr_falconrdr_falcon Registered User
OK so im a little new to networking but I have a good understanding of how it all works. That said I am trying to network:

1 Hog 3 (Show Server)
1 Hog3PC (Remote)
2 DP 2000's

I have been running the hog 3 with the DPs over an ethernet switch for awhile now and they have been working fine. Now however I am trying to add a laptop with Hog3PC so I can use it as a wireless remote. I have added a wireless router to my network via the ethernet switch and disabled its DHCP funchion so that the Hog 3 was still asigning the IP addresses. The 3PC software is running on the same port and is being assined an IP address from the server just fine but it cant find the concole to log into as a client. I have made sure the laptop is not running its show server and I have changed its concole number to 2 but still no luck. Anyone have any Ideas????


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