memory (M2) cards via USB adapters...

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Hi all,
I have a what looks like a USB flash drive that I got with my mobile phone. Now on closer inspection it actually has a slot for an M2 memory card (very small) in the side. My question is, can I put in a card and plug the USB into one of the windows based consoles and save a show normally or would the console read the information differently.. or not at all? I am not sure whether the arcitecture of the (wholehog) software would have a problem with this. Windows itself of course wouldnt.. but then again it is a different version of windows..

What do you guys think?


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    Any USB devices which uses the standard USB mass storage protocol should work. Usually, that means if the drive works with Windows or MacOS without any special drivers, then it will work on the console.
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    Thanks, I asumed that.. but didnt fancy putting it into a console and having trouble, so I thought I would check. Once again you never fail to disappoint Eric! :)
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