hog 3pc issues with a Compaq and Fijistsu Vista computer

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Hello everyone,

I sure wish when I installed the new Hog operating system on two different Vista computers I could get it to run. I've been on the phone with HES Austin and L.A. I put up an earlier thread about this, but it would sure be nice to just install the program, plug in a widget and start right up, without having to troubleshoot it for weeks. I love Hog, but am disenchanted about the amount of time it is taking to get it to just get control of some lights. Thank goodness for keeping an XP laptop with wifi. I am sure if I head into L.A. with both computers, HES can get them up and running, but sheesh...really?:aargh4:




  • ryanwilkinsonryanwilkinson Registered User
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    Yea, you are talking about trying to use vista.. If there is a list of crap you have to deactivate and there are still companies that refuse to support it (not just in the lighting industry) its not for me. I think you would be much smarter to just put XP on the other computer. Its more stable anyway.. I have never had a major issue on any XP machine that I own and I won't purchase a vista computer period. At least some companies offer upgrades back to xp..

    vista was a mistake for microsoft.. just like ME..

    just my take on it..
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    Could you post which problems you had to work around on your Vista laptop? I agree Windows Vista presents some interesting configuration issues for our Hog3PC application. I want to make sure we cover each one as best as possible in our technical notes and also make sure we fix the software issues we have control over.
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