Using only Front Pannel

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In case of hardware trouble on a show without any other solution, could it be possible to unplug hog 3 / IPC or Fullboar front panel and use it with Hog PC on an other computer?



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    It's possible as a last resort, but making the proper connections will not be easy.

    Hog3PC has drivers for USB attached front panels from the iPC, RH, and RHFB.

    The USB interface uses a 2mm JST connector so you'd have to make the appropriate adapter if you want to plug it into another machine. You'd also have to provide a floppy-style power connection for 12volts and 5volts.

    I must tell you that none of this is officially supported. It will probably work (I use it all the time for my work), but it may stop working in future releases without notice.
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    Thanks eric, as you say it is as a last resort, but it is a good thing to know.
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