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I was just wondering if I link up a Hog II to a Hog III, and program the show on the H2, how well do the key strokes line up across the two platforms using MSC, just like linking 2 Hog 2's, but one being a Hog III. Thanks.

I had the H2 decide to act a little weird, so i do have Hog III PC, and a DP2000 to act as backup if it is possible.


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    If you had showfiles on both the II and III with the same cue structure, you could use MSC to keep them in sync. It won't follow along key by key, it will follow go by go.

    Your best bet might be to run Hog2PC instead of 3PC, then you don't have to hassle with show conversion.
  • TimMillerTimMiller Registered User
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    I would do that, except that as far as i know H2PC will not work with the DP2000. I do not have a widget, mine walked away :(.
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    If you have the same cuelist and cue numbers, then sending MIDI Show Control commands from one desk to the other (in either direction) should function just fine. As you press GO on a list on the Hog 2, it will send a MSC message of GO list # Cue # to the Wholehog 3.

    I hope this information helps.
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