HOG 3 / HogPC networking issue

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My current setup is a Wholehog 3, a laptop running Hog 3PC, 2x DP2000 and a DP8000. Into this there is also a laptop running WygR19 through connectivity software (just to mirror what is happening on stage and fascilitate position palette programming). The Hog 3PC is also outputting one universe over USB widget (just to feed the FOH lights). Everything is networked together over two gigabit ethernet switches with A/B lines running from stage to FOH. I am roughly using 3 universes on each of the DP2K and 5 universes on the DP8K.

Now, this all works fine either way. But I encountered a problem when trying to log the Hog 3PC onto the showfile on the Wholehog console. It simply will not find the console. Strange thing is, the other way it works fine. If I set the PC as showserver, the Wholehog can find the PC's showfile without any problems.

Obviously, everything is running the latest software and all cables and networking equipment is high spec. But since it is all working then this shouldnt be a problem.

Any thoughts?


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Are you disabling the Show Server on the Hog 3 PC when this happens? From the START window, press SETTINGS and this is where you determine the show server. You will want to de-select the RUN SERVER box on the Hog 3 PC. This is just one possibility.
    Also you will have to reconfigure so the widget is coming off of the DP 8000 if you want the Hog 3 to be the Show Server as the Hog 3 itself is not compatible with USB Widgets.
  • wizardwizard Registered User
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    Yes, I have changed the show server accordingly... I was not aware of the Widget / Hog 3 problem.. however, that shouldn't have anything to do with the Hog pc not beeing able to log on to the hog?
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    If WYG can connect to the Hog 3 when the Hog3 is the server but the laptop running Hog3PC cannot, then what might be happening is that the Hog3PC computer is not listening for multi-cast traffic on the correct network adapter as a client. See if you have multiple network adapters on your Hog3PC laptop and if you do try disabling all but the one you are using to connect to the Hog 3 Console.
  • wizardwizard Registered User
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    Ok, I shall have to try this at a later point, as the show is over and this particular setup isn't in use anymore.
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