Adding RAM to IPC?

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Hi, I have an IPC that has 1 gig. of RAM. I've never opened one up before but was wondering if it's possible to add more RAM to it? I've seen in a few discussions how if you use a DP-8000 with it that it has some benifits?

Can I buy this RAM from just a computer store or should I go thru a High End dealer?



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    I have read a discussion about this before, but it was a Hog 3. I think the results would be the same. No, because the BIOS doesnt support it. Adding RAM just wouldnt make any difference and the console operation/speed and it wouldnt work at all. However it may be different with the iPC, Im sure HES will say..
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    You can add more RAM to most iPC consoles, but it's unlikely to give you any real benefit. The software just doesn't need any more memory. Additional RAM will get used as disk cache, but show files aren't that big.

    The one time it might help is on older iPCs that have 512 meg. When you install new software or reimage the console it takes a *ton* of RAM becase of how EWF works. Because the DP8000 image is quite large, it's split out into a separate installer so we don't overwhelm EWF. Once the DP8000 firmware is installed, there's no further advantage of having extra memory.

    The downside of installing more memory is that your console is now different from the others out there. We test every software release on the 5 versions of iPC that we shipped. If you change your memory configuration, you're now creating a different combination. It probably won't cause problems, but it could.
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    Thanks for the reply, a couple more questions:

    What is the maximum it can hold?

    Would adding more help with the speed of loading Hog 3 shows?

    I don't think I'll do it, as I completely agree with the issues created by going outside of the normal configuration.

    Thanks again

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    There were 5 different motherboards used in iPC over the years. I suspect each one has a different memory limit, but I don't know what those are offhand.

    Memory limits typically depend on the Chipset and BIOS. We use a custom BIOS on our motherboards, so even if the retail version of the board supports a certain amount of memory, our BIOS may support less (or more).

    Early consoles shipped with 512 megs, later revisions have 1024.

    More memory won't speed up show loading.
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