Cyber wiring help?!

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I'm working on a cyberlight cl and when I opened it up to set the voltage I found what I would say looks to be some kind of bypass? I've seen and done the trackspot voltage select bybass, I did a search on this fourm and did not come across anything. I do not want to plug it in for fear of frying something! The white tap wire is butt conected to a black wire?(see attached pic)If I cut out the butt cont. what do I do with the blk wire? BTW I want to tap it for 230v 60Hz, I did read some post on this forum about some people being tapped at 230v and pluging into 208V, I am worried the if it's tapped at 208 and I plug into 230 that cause I'm going from a lower to higher voltage it might blow the damm thing up!!


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    Ok I think I have an idea about what is what, now I need the why? I looked and noticed below the voltage tap another set of blade conectors on the board and one wire missing labled blk, so I now know where the black wire went. So it looks like it is a bypass, and I'm stuck wondering WHY? Is there something wrong with the board? And if so can I do the same bypass for 230v, and what color wire would I use? and do I need to hook the black back up? I need this fixture for an install next week so I really don't want to fry anything!
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    Normally the wire lands on a terminal after it has passed through the donut.

    In your pic the point where the splice is usually has a female push-on connector on it (the white wire).

    Where does the black wire go that comes out of the splice?

    Did you already download the manual?

    Page 1-13 covers this.
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    Often this bypass is done when the power board starts to burn terminals.
    The terminals on the power selection section are a direct pass through from the terminals on the bottom edge of the board.
    Unfortunately I don't recall which ones are which, although you should be able to meter them, and figure it out that way.
    Unplug all the terminals from the bottom edge, and meter from the 230 volt contact, and figure out which one is the correct tap.
    Good Luck!
    Joshua Wood
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    It's the yellow wire, just in case any one looks this up in the future.
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