Wiring 240V plugs

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All of the plugs (L6-20) we wire at the shop are wired black on X white on Y (which seems to be standard). There is an ongoing debate in the shop of if the lights actually care if the phases are swapped, such as if one end is wired up black on X, white on Y, then White on X black on Y. I know power doesnt care what color wire its traveling down. I am just currious as to what yalls input on the subject is?


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    Always match the ends....whether it matters or not. It's just good wiring practice. Unless a specific cable requires some type of crossover (not that power does), it's always good practice to do 1-1....

    Just my thoughts...
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    When you're dealing with US Style 208 (two hot legs of a three-phase feed) or 240 (two hots of residential style service) the hot wires can be in either order.

    Order does matter when you're working with 240v service outside of North America because you have one hot and one neutral wire.

    Phase ordering is also critical when you're wiring anything that uses all three phases. If you swap two legs motors will run backwards.

    As Jon said, it's always best to be consistant no matter what you're doing.
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