Issues With DL2 v1.4.0

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Hey All,

I have been having some issues with a DL2. I upgraded the unit from v1.3.3 to v1.4.0 using the XPE Version 2.0.0. After the upgrade I had a few intermittent issues when transitioning from layer to layer while playing video. The video would speed up glitch and slow down during the transition. At first I only noticed this with some user content but after further inspection it was happening with the stock content as well. I tried to delete the User Content from the CMA and received and error message saying "Error deleting folder the directory is not empty" I tried deleting the content from the fixture itself and had no luck the error did not pop up but it did not delete the content.

I just downloaded the XPE for a second time and tried the full restore and I am having the same issue deleting the user content in addition to a new problem. If I have a stock video playing on layer 1 and change media folders/files on layer two the video on layer 1 glitches for a quick second then starts playing again.

I have also tried deploying a content archive with no luck. I did not create the user content but after downloading it and checking it though the various tools listed on the HES site it looks like it is all right...

Any ideas?



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    It sounds like you have some possibly bad content on your unit. If you would like me to look at some of it just to make sure I'd be happy to. If all the user content on your fixture was created and encoded by the same person, then just a clip or two would be fine.

    As far as the file not deleting, that's a tough one. The thing I would do is set the file and the folder to a DMX value of 0, reboot the computer, and then delete the file again.

    As far as the content goes, please upload it to and put it to my attention.


    Scott Kinnebrew
    High End Systems
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    Hey Scott,

    I will upload some content later today.

    I went though and was able to delete all the user content folders except for one. I tried changing the folder's DMX value to 0 rebooting and deleting and still had the same issue. I can delete all the content out of the folder and put new content in but I can't delete the folder.

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