good old H2 functions

MarcoMarco Registered User

I want to have back the old "live programmer".
I think it´s very usefull to have a directly palletes call, where all fixtures are included the palletes do exactly this what is recorded at the palletes and also in default fadetimes. I can see very fast and with only one click, what is recorded in the palletes and whitch fixtures are included. Very usefull!
I know, in the current state of the H3, I can use pig+blind....... and set the programmer in "fade changes" mode. the problem in the "fade changes" mode is, fadetimes are not only at the presetcalls, also at encoder entrys. this is not very usefull!
I wish a function, that exactly works like the "liveprogrammer" in the H2.

default timing
why I can´t set a default timing for all functions of a fixture that are loaded in a show like on the H2?

fixture builder
why I can´t build a fixture and define autopalletes, define functions, define names like on the H2?

why we must miss some good functions of an old wholehog system on a new wholehog? I think all functions of an old system should be at first included at a new system. or not?

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