Using 2 Superwidgets

after the new release of the HOG PC / two Superwidgets at the same time one has no DMX output but is found by the HOG iPC...


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Matt can you please clarify...

    You said using two super widgets at the same time has no output but is found byt the Hog iPC....

    On your Hog iPC you should have the first 4 universes connected to the internal super widget by default when using Hog 3PC or Hog 2PC. Then if you connect an additional Super Widget you can output 3 more universes on Hog 2PC or 4 more with Hog 3PC. If you connect 2 Super Widgets to a Hog iPC, only one will function.

    If you are using Hog 2PC stand alone, then you should be able to connect two super widgets and get DMX output on 7 universes.

    Please clarify what your exact connection and software setup is as it is not clear by your first post.

  • LOOP LIGHTLOOP LIGHT Registered User
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    Latest version should be like you explained but isn't.
    2 Superwidgets found but only one got DMX Output the other has no Signal Output... Running HOG PC 2
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited July 2005
    HMM... will each widget work on their own if only one is connected at a time? Do you have any other USB devices or any other information you can provide?

    In the Wholehog 2 patch window have you "overdriven" your outputs 2-4 and patched fixtures to them? This is required to gain output to the last 3 universes of the 7.
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