Wha Hoppen ?

LA7272LA7272 Registered User
Hi, I was running an IPC in III mode. Then mid-show, when ever I selected a fixture conventional or moving, it came up to full intensity instantly without me having to hit full. Any ideas? Thanks


  • SfeerPeerSfeerPeer Registered User
    edited January 2009
    rotten dmx-cable?
  • ryanwilkinsonryanwilkinson Registered User
    edited January 2009
    Is the highlight button lit? If so, press it again to turn it off. It is designed to do that after a fixture selection.

  • LA7272LA7272 Registered User
    edited January 2009
    I'll check the highlite thing next gig...
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    edited January 2009
    As it isn't something that stays after a power-down, you won't know when you check the console.

    As mentioned, "HIGHLIGHT" is a toggle that bumps the intensity to full to quickly find things.
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