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Joe BleasdaleJoe Bleasdale Registered User
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I was thinking. I know some forums have employment sections on thier forums. Maybe this could be benificial for the forum members or HES. Maybe a jobs vacent and jobs wanted. Companies could post jobs in the vacent section for a small fee payable to HES, and forum members may advertise themselves in the wanted section.

Just a thought,


  • muvmentmuvment Registered User
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    I agree but think that there should be no fee for job listings. And here's why:

    Although the idea would be to limit any type of job listing 'spamming' from the industry, it is in HES's interest to help pair job openings with people from this board. This is because anybody who frequents this forum is already experience in the product line, use, and maintenance in offerings from High End. Therefore, anybody who receives a job from a listing posted here would expand the influence and growth of High End's company and products.

    It is in everybody's interest to have High End enthusiasts filling jobs, as opposed to users of competitor lines.
  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    I don't know if we really need another job website,
    People post job listings on the Lightnetwork.
    Plus there are at least a few sites that only deal with jobs. comes to mind.
    of course, that is just my .02
    Joshua Wood
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    As Joshua said there are other forums that list industry jobs. It would be a conflict of interest for a Barco/HES owned forum to host job listings. These types of posts should be on non-company owned forums and sites.
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