DMX output window Blank

rocitoprocitop Registered User
I am running Hog 3PC V3 on my vista laptop and the DMX Output screen is blank. I am just editing a show so there are no widgets connected. I seem to remember it working without things being connected in the past. Any ideas?


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited January 2009
    You need to have a widget or DP attached and some fixtures patched for any values to show up in H3PC.

    The Output window constantly refreshes the actual output by communicating with the output device. If you have no output device there is nothing to communicate with.

    This is a change with the v3 software.

    Hope this helps.:)
  • rocitoprocitop Registered User
    edited January 2009
    Bummer - Well at least I am not going crazy or going something wrong.

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