iPC Heat Problems

doubleyou81doubleyou81 Registered User
Hi All.

i use a Hog iPC Console. Everthing works fine. But the is one thing !
Always when i use the Console for more than 5 hours the desk getting hot and turn off automatically. So the only solution for this problem is at the moment to open to ipc every 2 weeks and clean it carefully with a compressor. So when it is done the desk will hold more than 5 hours. But one week later the same problem.
I think it is the processor cooling. It is always clean. No dirt. The fan works and is always clean.
I often work with the desk in a disco. My Desk will hold the power only up when i put a big fan behind it.

I talk to an other iPC User some weeks ago. He bring his iPC to the Location and we turn it on and work with them. My Desk turned of automaticcaly after 4-5 hours.

Could that it is better to change the precessor cooling fan and the precessor cooling cage.

Or are there any other solutions ?

Thx for Help



  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
    edited January 2009
    Hello Jerome, this is not a common problem but it is possible the fan and/or processor may need to be replaced. It may be the processor and not the fan but it is difficult to say without having the console to evaluate.

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