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I have never used the axon/DL3 before and am just playing around with one at the moment and have one or two maybe silly questions that I don´t seem to be able to find the answer for in the manual.
1. Does their give any type of blending modes between layers such as multiply, subtractive etc etc.
2 even when layers are keyed using intensity key or chroma key, I am still getting the underneath layer adding into the upper layer, just a tiny amount but its still not keying correctly. Is this normal?
Also when masking (layer 1 video, layer 2 "gobo mask " with intensity or chroma key ), its not keying out the masked layer 100 %, Its still visible outside of the "mask", dark but visible.

Thanks for any answers.



  • ClydeClyde Registered User
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    Found the answer myself to the keying problem which is when the Grandmaster of the console is not at 100% then it affects all the keying. I hope this is really not correct as this can definitely cause a lot of problems
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    Which console are you using Clyde?
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    With the grand master not at 100%, you are lowering the "intensity" channel of the layer. However, the intensity channel on the layer does not control intensity in the traditional sense, but is instead controlling the "opacity" of the layer. Therefore, when the grand master was not at 100%, the layers were actually becoming slightly transparent, which is why you were seeing the issues with keying. The global intensity is the only traditional intensity control in the graphics engine.

    Unforunately, the only way to fix this would be to have the console manufacturer change the "Intensity" channel on the layer to be called something else so that the opacity of each layer would not be affected by the grand master. However, in doing this you would lose the ability for easily controlling this channel. For instance, on the WholeHog consoles you can enter "Layer 1 @ Full" and bring up the opacity to full because its actually an intensity channel.

    Please let me know if this doesn't make sense or you have any further questions.

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