Pixel Mapping & Effects for Multiple LED fixtures

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Hey I am a old user of Hog PC back in the day then went to Light Jockey for a bit and MagicQ. My question is there a plugin/program to download or something I am not aware of in the new version of hog to handle Pixel Mapping & Effects for Multiple LED fixtures? I know Light jockey has a program you can download called led trix which has several pre-built effects, color schemes and ability to do txt easily with leds fixtures. Magic Q has a engine to do this too. I am downloading Hogpc and will have the widget latter on site. So wanted to screw around for a bit.

Thanks so much helpful Gurus!


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited October 2008
    Hi Dan,

    The current Wholehog software does not have a pixel mapping feature. We have been exploring this feature for the future. The effects engine in the software is very powerful and does allow many unique looks, however I understand it is not the same as a pixel mapping funciton. The best option would be to use a media server to send a feed to your LEDs as this will allow the most creative options in terms of media playback, etc.
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