Gobo Rotating Effect on Wholehog 3

JDurnfordJDurnford Registered User
Hey Everyone,

Ive been using other boards such a Grand MA and Vista but now I am trying to figure out programming on the Wholehog. I just started working for Princess Cruise Lines and they told me I was going to be using another GrandMA but it turned out they have a Wholehog so ive been training myself. I got the basic programming and stuff down but ive been having problems finding where i turn on the rotating gobo. Is there anyone that could guide me through this process.

Justin Durnford
Lighting Manager
Princess Cruise Lines


  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
    edited October 2008
    On screen near the wheel you can choose between index and rotation.
    To change rotation way maintain the minus (-) key and turn the rotation wheel.

    Hope this help.
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