2 bugs/ problems

I have a problem with a master (#10 in this case) being influenced by changes made in another master (#2 in my case). The changes can be timing of fade/delay or cue updates. What happens is that the dmx value temporarily jumps to 0 in the htp master not used for changes. But since houselights are on this other master, you can imagine the embarresment this causes if audience is in house. Anybody else ever experience this?

Second question/bug:
When changing timing of fixture-fades in marked cues, this timing of cues can be influenced by the other cues then the affected. This means that for instance a fade of 40sec in the previous cue suddenly appears in the changed cue. Anybody can confirm this?

Greetings, Joris


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    Can you please send me your show file at http://upload.highend.com and point out the cues/lists where this is occuring? I would like to take a look and try to recreate the problem. Also can you please specify what version of software and system type you are using?

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    Sorry Brad, the current show i'm running keeps me very busy.
    The build i'm using is the current one, 2.6.0 and the console is a RoadHog. I noticed only 1 of 2 RGB fixtures appeared and not all desk channels. This was only with 1 view (the compact one), not the normal output view, that 1 keeps working. What a shame you can not reproduce the bug in the lab!
    As you can see in my show file there is nothing quite spectacular. I noticed that a dmx-value of 0 is also temporarily output when closing the fixture editor, after changing something in the patch (but not related to the masters/scenes that are influenced). This is a very common bug, and probably not repairable, I have noticed the same thing on consoles of another brand as well.
    Greetings, Joris :poke:
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