two quick questions...

theDutchGuytheDutchGuy Registered User
...easy ones, too, probably...

How do I enable programmer timing, so that live alterations using presets uses the default parameter timing? (I'm so far gone right now, I can't even remember what it's called on the Hog II :dunce: )

how do I get the tilting top section of the expansion wing to keep the same angle as the screens on a RoadHog? I mean without having to revert to tape or pieces of string...


  • Frankv1234Frankv1234 Registered User
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    Gone do this one in dutch. so sorry

    He Erik, Alles goed ?

    om je live programmer timing te gebruiken druk je op je programmer window op de knop fade changes .

    Betreffende de schermen, je kan de druk van de gasveer instellen. Bel me maandag even dan vraag ik aan benny bij ons even hoe dat werkt


  • theDutchGuytheDutchGuy Registered User
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    cheers Frank,

    you've got mail...

    consider this thread closed already, guys...
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