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We are a multi site church and I am wondering if it is possible to program a weekend service at the main location, with a Hog 3 and then merge that show at the other locations that each have a Road Hog. I guess we are trying to figure out how to have our main campus serve as "central support" for the other sites. We don't have enough "programmers" to serve all the locations and would love to be able to figure out how to make it work with one programmer. Obviously, we need to have the same lights in the same locations on all the stages...I'm wondering more about what is the best way to merge the shows, if its even possible., suggestions...all of it is welcome. I have been working with the Hog 3 for four years, with no training...there is alot I don't know. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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    From what it sounds like you do not even need to "merge". All current Wholehog consoles use the same show files, so you can program on a Wholehog 3 and then load the show into a Road Hog or Hog iPC no problem. As you state if you have the same fixtures and locations it would work well. You might need only to update some position palettes as you move to the other consoles.
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    Well, not ALL our lights are the same at each location, just key ones. Also, there are cuelists that have been made that are specific for each campus. While the bulk of the weekend service is identical, worship is not. I already have preprogrammed worship songs on all the boards, so I'm hoping to find a way to send the rest of the service to the locations and then they can "piece" in their worship songs. Hopefully that makes since.

    Maybe what I'm trying to do is not even possible. I've been testing it on a Hog PC...taking a Road Hog show and Hog 3 show and trying to merge them. Its not working so far. It doesn't matter if each console ends up with palettes or cuelists that aren't for their location, those can be deleted or ignored.
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