Is it a Bug? or am I just screwing up?

thomrobertsthomroberts Registered User
I am Using a RoadHog (v2.5.0 (B2063) ), and have noticed a problem with editing cuelists on stage.... if I abort the process without updating, it seems to freeze the cue I was working on onstage, and will not let me Clear it or Release it.

for instance I select: list 4/1> open, alter something, and then decide that it does not work or get distracted or whatever, and then choose to abort the edit, when I press CLEAR nothing happens, when I press PIG+Release, nothing happens, Choose and Release, trying manually alter the lights, nada...

sometimes after several minutes the Cue will mysteriously clear, today I went so far as to Delete the original cue (it was a simple cue and easy to rebuild, but that is not the point...)

any insights would be appreciated...



  • Mike HansonMike Hanson Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited October 2008
    When you stop editing, do you close the editing window you have open? If the editor window is open and in the edit mode, then you open other windows on top of it. this night be what you are seeing. if you close the editing window, it will stop outputting to the stage. If you have a editor open in edit mode then open other windows on top of it, pig release and clear will not turn off the editor window you have open behind the other windows.
  • thomrobertsthomroberts Registered User
    edited October 2008
    That is possibly what is happening.... as I said, it has usually happened after I have been distracted by something, But I have not done that intentionally!!

    I will try and make it happen the next time I am at the desk, but that may be a couple of weeks due to other commitments...

    thanks for the quick reply...

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