connect hog3 with hog3 for backup

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Hello there.

Anybody can tell how to connect a hog3 with another hog3 (backup) and work together for safety reasons?

I am new with hog3.



  • HUGOLiTEHUGOLiTE Registered User
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    Hi !

    Take look at the thread " HogPC as a backup for Roadhog F.B."

    / Johan
  • easy_gtreasy_gtr Registered User
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    Very helpfull thank you.
    Now by connecting two descs together if the main desc die then you have the backup to go on but then what about the dmx signal? Should I use a dmx merge for that? Since I am using 3x DP2000 wold it be easyer to use an ethernet hub for taking signal from two hog3 and send to the DP2000?
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    Here is what I would do in your case...

    Hogs should connect to an ethernet SWITCH (not HUB)
    DP's connect to ethernet switch

    Load show on "Server" desk.
    Connect to server desk with "Client" desk

    Run the show from the CLIENT desk. That way, if ,for some odd reason, you have an issue during the show, you switch over to the SERVER desk. If you were to run on the SERVER desk and have an issue, the SERVER will shutdown and you would not be able to run anything on the client desk.
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    If you are connecting two consoles via MSC then you can use a DMX switch to switch DMX lines. There are several on the market including the DMX DataLynx and the 8 universe switch from City Theatrical (

    You do not want to use a DMX merger as this could cause problems with both desks sending outputs at the same time.
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