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I am thinking about using a hog3 for a show at the college I attend. I have been playing with the Hog3PC software to figure out if the patch will work out with our crazy dimmer racks. The way that our racks work is really strange, so I will try to clarify it best as possible.

We have 2 lines of DMX going to our racks. The first line is addresses 1-480, not that complicated. The Second line is 481-658. We need to have the specific restrictions on the addresses because of the way the racks are linked and setup. There is no way to move around the addresses so that it is much simpler. How can I get this to work out for me in my patch?


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    I suspect what you're running into is the difference between how theater consoles have typically addressed additional universes and how moving light consoles handle it. Theater consoles tend to use the terms dimmer and channel to mean different things depending on context.

    In theater desks, the convention is if you have 480 dimmers on your first univers, you set the 2nd universe to start at "channel" 481. That way the 481st dimmer is patched as 481.

    In a Hog, you'd patch "dimmer" 481 as 2/1 (that's slot 1 on the 2nd universe). "Dimmer" 658 would be 2/146 (slot 146 on universe 2).

    What I'm telling you here is based on how large dimming systems are *usually* setup. You'll want to check with you TD for details of your specific system since there are a million other ways it could be setup.
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    That what I was thinking and I wanted to get feedback from other people who may have had experience with this in the past.

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