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I did a show a couple days ago where I had a Hog 3 with a DP2k running 4 universes full of led's, conventionals and movers. I also had a tablet that I would use to walk around and aim movers and set intensities and such. When I would log on the tablet to the network and join it to the session, it would release all running lists on the hog 3. I am not sure why it did that, and I haven't ever noticed it doing that before which is weird. This was version 2.6.0.

One thing I would really like to see though is when you join a new session, all the faders load the values of whatever list is active on whatever desk. So basically say I had 2 desks playing back 2 lists. Both are on the same page, and one has list 1 active on fader 1 and the second has list 2 active on list 2. If I log in the 3rd console, it would display that list one and two are playing back and display the current fader value. It should act just as if it were doing the remember current fader value thing just like in multiple pages so it just indicates the current level in the playback bar and does NOT take the current fader value and apply it to the running lists of that current page.

This should apply to faders set to HTP as well. I have had it where I was using one laptop for a show running a bunch of lists. Some were LTP faders and some were HTP faders. When I logged in a tablet running hog 3pc, the faders default values are 100%. It applied those fader values over anything that was currently running to the other laptop's fader wing values.



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    Of course it should be like that, I had exactly the same trouble a few months ago.
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