Hog 2pc on iPC - Qlist doesnt scroll

leko916leko916 Registered User
I am running pre-programmed shows on a Hog iPC running Hog 2pc.

In some of the shows, the q-lists do not automatically scroll. some of these are 500-700 Q shows that are all triggered by SMPTE from a show controller (Dataton). Other show files that do not scroll are manually triggered lists. And yet others scroll just fine. Can anyone provide some insight into how to correct this? I do not have the software version on me but I cna get it in the next day or so. thanks!

(From Dayton Ohio, currently in Italy)


  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
    edited September 2008
    Make sure Follow at the top of each cue list is selected.
    And if I remember correctly, this button follows the way the view is saved, So if it is deselected in a view, reselect it and re-record the view.
    Each list has a individual "Follow" button,
    Good Luck!
    Joshua Wood
  • leko916leko916 Registered User
    edited September 2008
    sorry to sound like a noob but I am still having a problem. I'm normally a moving light tech, not a programmer.

    your reccomendation fixed some q lists, but some other lists have a separate issue. I think this may be a setting in the show file, not in the q list.

    On some q-lists, there are q's off the bottom of the screen that I cannot view. Even if I click in the qlist window and try to manually scroll, the q's wont come on the screen. I can playback the q's (q19 may be on the bottom of the screen, but I can press Go and Q20, 21, 22 etc will playback). Follow current doesnt help this either. I tried making a new qlist in the same file with 30 q's and the same thing happens. its as if the window is off the screen, but I moved the window on to other screens and moved it as far to the top of the display as possible but that did not help. I can even copy the non-visibe q's to other qlists and view them there?!?!

    Please help! For now, anytime I need to program a show within one of these files, I am having to put 20 q's on each fader (the most that are visible on screen.)


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