Trigger Macro on Release of Cuelist

JaredJared Registered User

I would really like the ability to be able to trigger a macro on the release of a cuelist. For me it would be most useful in the following situation:

When I am building my cuelists I like to trigger other cuelists.

For example:

CUE 1 has a macro to trigger cuelist 10 which is movement chase (not effect).
CUE 2 has a macro to trigger cuelist 20 which is a color chase (not effect) which for example is a random blue / white color swap.
CUE 3 has a macro to trigger cuelist 11 which is a different movement chase
CUE 4 releases cuelist 10, 20, and 11.

However, when i release cuelist 1 by pushing release I don't want any residual cuelists playing back which were a result of cuelist 1. So I would like to have a macro to release cuelist 10, 20 and 11 when i push release, instead of having to go to cue 4.

I am sure this function would be useful for other things too.

I realize that for this particular example, the chases could be effects, which would not require macros, but hopefully you can understand the point I am trying to make.

Failing that, it would be nice to be able to store a entire cuelist within a cue. This would achieve the same thing.

Interested to hear what other people think, or if this can already be achieved using a different approach.



  • JaredJared Registered User
    edited September 2008
    Good idea? Bad Idea?
  • BrianSDavisBrianSDavis Registered User
    edited October 2008
    From what I read in your post, you can actually do this without the release button. You are already releasing your other cuelists, but you can release the current cue list as well. IE record a cue 5 that releases the cuelist containing all of your other macros.

    But I can definitely see the usefulness of having a macro that can fire on release, just in terms of adding additional functionality.
  • BrianSDavisBrianSDavis Registered User
    edited October 2008
    Alternatively, you can set the options in the cuelist to release on other go, although you would probably have to work on how you stack your cues, and whether or not you want the cuelist to reset itself when released. Just another thought.
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