Is it wyg R22 or...?

MrBrooksMrBrooks Registered User
Hi there,

3 searching and experiment weeks later, I can't connect wysiwyg R22 and an Ipc (Hog3pc mode) or a road hog full boar.:dunno:

All devices are DHCP
I can ping consoles by my computer
I can connect Hog3pc on my computer with console
So I think it's a wysiwyg problem. No firewall installed and all port open in my netgear routeur.
On wholehog connectivity driver :
Status : Locating Wholehog Network
Session :
Info : Scanning port 6600
Port 6600
User Number 1 (I didn't understand what is it)

I can connect Hog3pc and wyg R22 on the same compu...:Eyecrazy:

Really no idea at all,
Need a serious help


  • bellonsbellons Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited September 2008
    it sounds to me like if your wyg was trying to bind to the loopback adapter.
    Make sure your wyg application binds to the appropriate adapter, i.e. the one you're using to connect your computer to the hognet.
    To figure out whether or not you wyg is connected to the right adapter go to live, device manager, click on the the node manager tab and then on discover. An Ip address should appear. Check if it matches the one of the adapter you're using to connect to the hog. Normally if you have a valid connection and open wyg the loopback adapter is simply ignored. Double check it just to make sure you have the right configuration.
    User number 1 is the number of your console, the connectivity driver is trying to connect to and should be your console number as well.
    As you probably know in one show there may be more than one console at the time, each of them must have a unique id number and of course you can have more than one show on the same network (port 6600, 6601 ect.).
    Hope this helps
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
    edited September 2008
    From my little experience of using wysiwyg and an IPC.

    Connect the IPC and the machine running wyg to a simple unmanaged "switch",i found routers to more complicated than required or try connecting the IPC and wyg machine using a crossover cable as a last resort.
    Give the machine running wyg an IP address in the same range as your IPC console.
    Have alook at your network setting of your IPC to get this aaddress.
    Disable all antivirus software.

    Make sure the IPC is not using the loopback adaptor to try and connect to a show.
    Make sure the wyg machine is not connecting using the loopback adaptor either.
    If you wanted to to uninstall the connectivity driver and re-install it might not hurt.
    hope this is of some help,

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