Full Boar Network Question

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If you happen to have a full boar plugged into a network and you unplug or the router looses data all output stops. The first time that it happend with 2.5 I lost all the cue lists in the show file (very ugly, fortuneatly we had backed up a few minutes before the crash...)

Yesterday it just crashed and a full reboot was neccassary, is there any way to make a software provision that would revert to the loopback adapter if this should happen so as to avoid this problem?

when using a Hog 3 and the DP if the network is inturrupted it will stop momentarily but seems to be able to recover.....

Set up
Full Boar (set to DHCP)
Net gear router


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited September 2008

    This is very interesting.. I have never heard of a show loasing all the cuelists (from anything). I am curious to know if there are any files in your log folder. You can check in the file browser window of the SHOWs window.

    With our current beta software we are improving the networking with Full Boar so I am sure the problems you saw with network loss will be corrected. I am still curious about the change to the show file though... I dont understand how this could happen. Do you have the corrupted show file still?

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