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thomrobertsthomroberts Registered User
I work in a University Performing Arts Center, we have just purchased a Roadhog to replace an aging Echelon, to control 12 Studio Spots and 6 Studio Colors with occasional additions from local vendors.

By and large, i am very happy with The Roadhog (my first foray into the H3 era) and have found it to be a very shallow learning curve.... however I do have a few questions regarding backup files and saving to the USB flash drive. I hope someone can help me out here..

first off, is there a "SAVE AS" function that i am missing? I would like to have a master Start Up File, that has the Patch, and basic Palettes , and some basic cues, that could then be modified and saved by different users (This is not a formal teaching situation, but I do several inexperienced student operators of varying skill levels). Right now I am opening a new show for each user and Merging my Start Up file into their show, But the Patch does not merge (I may well be missing something there too), and it seems a clumsy process.

I know there is not a definitive answer to this, but how big should the show files be? When backing up to the USB drive, the files are in the 250-300mg
range, and take literally 10 minutes or more to transfer, and then a message appears saying the transfer failed, but when i load the USB drive into my desk top, the file is there and weighing in at around 290mg or so... This seems way to large for a lighting file, so i assume that either I am doing something wrong or the desk is... I can find Very little info in the manual regarding it.

Those are the two burning questions I have so far, there are others, but there is plenty of time in the future....

like I said in the beginning I like the desk, and feel pretty comfortable on it, it just seems like there shouls be an easier way to do these things!!

Thanks in Advance

Thom Roberts


  • bellonsbellons Registered User, Hog Beta
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    hi Robert.
    unfortunately when you merge a show, the patch is not being merged.
    I reckon there's a request already logged to being able to merge the patch as well.
    Since you don't have a save as function, I would definitely choose another approach that is copying and pasting your master show. When you start the desk browse to your master show file right click on it, copy it and paste to another folder.
    This way you are not being forced to merge your master show into the new one. As I said copy it and then rename it.
    regarding the show file weight, remember that the more fixtures patched you have the more the show file weighs and generally the more complex the show the bigger the show file.
    Hope this helps
  • tedcooktedcook Registered User
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    Actually, I think both your questions are answered by making backup show files.

    1) With your template show open, go to Setup->Shows->Backup to create a backup file of the show. It will have all the show info including pallets, patch, etc. When you want to start a new show, launch it from this backup file. Before it unpacks it, you will have the option to name the new show whatever you like.

    2) When copying shows to USB, you should also only ever use the backup file of the show. It is a zipped version of your show and should be rather small (2mb or so for some of my current shows) and will transfer to a USB in seconds.

    Hope that helps.
  • thomrobertsthomroberts Registered User
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    ....for the replies...

    Tha Back Up Solution actually makes the most sense of anything I have heard or thought of regarding these issues... I had not yet tried to or needed to open a back up file, so I had not realized that it would allow me to designate a new name...

    I'm sure there will be a few more questions as I get get deeper into it...

  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Something that is very important to understand about how showfiles work in Hog-3 vs. how they used to work in Hog-2 is that trying to copy the actual "launched" show to another disk will not work.

    Even if you were able to copy that file over, it would be unusable.

    Creating zipped-backup files is the only way to keep your data safe.

    For multiple users/shows I find it is best ot first create a folder for them to work in, and then they can have as many backups and launched shows as they like within that keeps everyone else from having to sort through a stack of files in the root folder just to find theirs.

    Hope this helps:)
  • thomrobertsthomroberts Registered User
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    Thanks Marty....

    I was coming to those conclusions myself, I just thought it would (or rather Should) have been emphasized more in the manual's and literature!
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