Hog 3 Expansion Wing Question

CassLDCassLD Registered User
I'm using a hog 3 with an expansion wing this weekend at Red Rocks for an LED rig. I have a combination of pixel par and colorblasts on the rock and pixel line 1044 on the rig and floor. I remember from last time I did something like this having some issues with not being able to put dimmer effects on the the faderless masters, but being able to do it on the masters with faders. In addition the pixelline 1044 have a dimmer attribute and the other LEDs are RGB only so how does this change what I can put on what faders.


  • stephenwykerstephenwyker Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    edited September 2008
    You can put dimmer efx on faderless masters, just select under options that there is no dimmer. make sure you lock the master intensity for the 1044 all the way up and you won't have any issues.

    As for your RGB, when you use the built in RGB profile, you can use it as RGB or CMY with global intensity channel; but one or the other. If you use I-Red, I-Green or I-Blue, it will stop intensity, cyan, magenta, yellow and vice versa.
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