Link 2 hog2'sw/wings together

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Does anyone know if it is possible to link 2-wholehog 2 w/wings together, so when you hit a cue on one board the other board would go to that cue. just in case the main board goes down the backup board would be in the right cue. Thanks


  • ZematisZematis Registered User
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    Use a midi cable between them.
    I believe pressing setup, then input panel will get you where you need.

    I am also sure you can find more on this in the manual or someone who has used a 2 more recently can detail this out a bit more for you.

    Good luck
  • RKHCKPRKHCKP Registered User
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    you are correct, use a MIDI cable and connect the two. Make sure you select the MIDI in on the Slave console.

    Make sure that you have the same show loaded within both consoles as well as when you get ready to start your show. Make sure you are on the same page & cue when you start.

    This setup is just to mimic your commands from the Master console to the Slave. If you have selected a different page on the slave, you will still trigger that different page, this is not a cue for cue backup unless you are in the same page & cue when you start your show.

    hope this makes sense.

    i used this on several major tours and it works great. in fact, i would use a Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) MIDI in & out device that had a hard on & off button. this allowed for me to make adjustments on one desk and not mess with the other desk. we ran two desks with each a wing; one desk had hard edge fixtures and the other desk had soft edge fixtures. this work well for a 1.5 year tour.
  • KC xtremeKC xtreme Registered User
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    Thanks Alot, I will give it a try.
  • lightkidlightkid Registered User
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    take care to also select "notes out" on your master console.
    cheers denis
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    To be clear, you can connec two consoles as described in this thread. You can not connect just the wings....

    There is a full description of MIDI connection for tracking backup in the user manual as well.
  • KC xtremeKC xtreme Registered User
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    Thanks again everyone,I hooked them up and it works perfect.
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