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hi people! can someone tell me network settings for connecting hog3 and esp vision software, and how to connect hog to pc , network settings for hog and pc

problem: locating wholehog network...

road hog full boar.



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    I have not worked with a full boar and ESP, but I am assuming it is similar to connecting a Hog 3 or Hog3PC. There is a connectivity driver needed for the computer running ESP. It can be downloaded on the HES/FPS website.

    First you need to start your show on hog and be sure you have a valid network connection to the computer running the ESP software. THe ESP software should startup the Hog 3 connectivity utility and this will allow ESP to connect to the hog network. Now if there are any problems, you need to be sure that the settings in the utility are the same as your console.

    You also need to be sure that you have the most up to date software installed on your hog, as well as the connectivity driver. You may also want to check and be sure that the firewall for your computer is off, as this can interfere with the connectio between the console and the utility.

    Other than that it should be OK. If you are having problems I would contact someone at High End or ESP and they should be able to help further.
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    Here is a PDF with a tutorial on how to network our consoles with ESP Vision (Full Boar instructions begin on page 5):
    You can do this with a crossover cable, or a router.

    This document is from our Wholehog Tutorials page in the Training Center ( There are more documents that talk about Hog networking there as well.

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