smoke and a intellabeam 400

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I purchased 4 intellabeam 400's for 100 dollars in hopes that i can rebuild them but ran into a problem. there is a white cilindrical device on the upper left side of the power supply that is smokeing. what is this and can it be replaced or do you have to purchase the whole power suply




  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    you could try sending the board in for repair,
    either high end or lightparts,
    in any case, lightparts should be able to get you a used on for a very reasonable price.
    Joshua Wood
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    Any markings? How big? I am not sure if these cards are the same as in the IB700, but on those, there is nothing you can't find as an off the shelf part. High End also has the schematics available for at least the 700's, so poke around their site, that should help. If all else fails, if you can post a picture, I can tell if it's the same card and probably give you some more help.

    Myself, I don't see a lot of reason to send in IB boards if you have basic electronics skills - they are just too damn simple and easy to work on . . . .

    - Tim
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