Update ShowPix… via RDM ?

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So, I have a single widget dmx, I update the showPix via a dmx cable. Perfect! But, I think to do this, Echo use the RDM protocol to communicate via the widget with the ShowPix. RDM can pass through ARTNET, isn’t it ?. Do you already test it ? Is all ARTNET nodes RDS compliant ?
I actually make a test with a luminex Node (first think I found in the warehouse), and except if a made bad manipulation, it’s not working.

Do you have a idea ? Or perhaps the communication between the widget and a ShowPix don’t work through ARTNET.



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    A couple things to know:

    1. Showpix configuration and content management is all done using RDM messages.

    2. Many Artnet Nodes out there do not specifically support RDM. i.e. they don't have the physical hardware to do it.

    3. I believe even the Artistic Licence nodes do not support the released version of RDM and are still on a very early draft version. I know new versions of the ArtNet SDK have been released, but not sure this has made it into the node software itself yet. It depends on the manufacturer of the Artnet nodes you are using.

    4. We haven't tested Echo running through any nodes to go into and out of Artnet. Odds are that there would be some adjustments we would need to make in our software to handle this scenario as a lot of timings would be affected and the nature of going through Ethernet in the middle will require use of a lot of retry messages and message buffering in the nodes.

    Hopefully this answers the question. In short, it problably won't work right now. Using the right nodes and with changes in our software it may be possible to make it work in the future.
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    Thanks for this answer... I have a better view now.
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