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We are currently looking to buy some generators. Today I was talking to a local generator tech, and he was asking me if a +/- 2hz shift in frequency would bother me. I could get an electronic module installed that will keep the frequency shift within +/- 1 hz. I was wondering if the shift of frequency would hurt any of our moving lights or dimmers. He said the voltage will stay the same no matter what, its just the frequency that will fluctuate due to the generator reving up or down based on the load. If it does not matter than i will not get it installed but if it does, than i will. The module runs about 1500 installed.


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    It depends on the sensitivity of your gear....newer gear with auto-switching power supplies and ballasts should be OK.....older or cheaper hear might hiccup a bit......but 2 Hz is relatively minor in my experience.
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    I would not think there would be much of an issue. With the possible exception of fixtures with magnetic ballasts, everything is rectified down to DC for use in the fixure anyhow - all logic clocks are crystal based, and don't depend on line frequency. Get too far off, and voltages will be affected, but a few percent should not cause any grief that I can think of . . .

    - Tim
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