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huistephenhuistephen Registered User
Dear friends,

Can anyone tell me what is the use of USE FADE TIME in the Master II (HALT) setting ?



  • huistephenhuistephen Registered User
    edited August 2008
    Dear Friends,

    Also, I found out in Playback options you can set FADE TIME (rather than USE DEFAULT CUELIST TIME) in GO >, GOTO CUE .

    What are the effects have FADE TIME set.

    I tried to explore with different time but seems no difference.

  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited August 2008
    By default playing backwards thru a cuelist will fade to the previous cue using the back time. By selecting "USE FADE TIME" the list will fade back to the state of the previous cue using the timing of the previous cue.

    Using Fade Time with Go and Goto commands allows the user to play the entire cuelist using a defined fade time every time they press go. This will ignore all the recorded fade times with each cue and instead use the specified go (or goto) time. Unfortunately however this feature does not currently work with GO as stated in bug #10857. It does however work with goto.
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