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i will the dp by Stage ,then i have short dmx way. Is it possible with a cross over cable with 100 meters or is it a Problem??
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    100 meters is the maximum allowed length of an ethernet cable. If you have a 100 meter run, it might work, or it might not.

    I'd be a lot more comfortable if you put a switch in the middle of the run.
  • jthatcherjthatcher Registered User, Hog Beta
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    I have a current network with most runs working at the 100 meters in length and switches within the network to extend the runs to varuious locations. The biggest thing to consider when doing this run is to make sure that the gear that you are using is new or in perfect working order. This issue might be a factor if you have issues in the future.
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    We are using Ethernet cables up to 80 m, and if we need longer run we use optic fibre cable. You can use standard ethernet switches etc... Only thing you need to consider is that the cable is well protected and designed to be used in public events/outdoors.

    I have been planning to use WLAN but until now have not come up with a good working solution. Been discussing with different IT guys but after all they have proposed optic fibre for longer runs. WLAN is ok for HOG PC wireless remote, but to rely a show on it...

    Best regards, sulkkis
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    When I do remote DP's on a show I use a fiber optic backbone. It's much more reliable than a 100M ethernet cable. If you go this route, just make sure you are using a fiber cable that is designed to use in an area that it may get trampled on. TMB makes a nice cable for that application. Good luck!
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    We are using Draka cables, Finnish army is using the same model so it should be suitable for rough environments...

    Best regards, sulkkis
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