desk channels to multiple dmx values.

BrianSDavisBrianSDavis Registered User

Am I missing something or can you not patch a desk channel to multiple dmx outputs? I essentially want one channel controlling multiple dimmers, but every time I try to patch it, it comes up that there is another "fixture" in the way. Is there any way to do this?


  • prmuchaprmucha Registered User
    edited August 2008
    You have to first give all your desk channels (and other fixutres for that matter) a separate number different from what you'll end up using. So let's say you have 10 mac700 profiles, and 10 washes, and 48 channels of dimming. You could set your macs to whatever they would normally be (ie 101-110 and 201-210) and then set your desk channels instead of 1-48, to 401-448. Then, you can repatch those fixtures accordingly to all the same desk channels technically.
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Hey again Brian,

    You can patch a desk channel to multiple dimmers/DMX address no problemo....but what the desk will prevent you form doing is assigning multiple desk channels to the SAME dimmer/DMX address (same as on H2).

    It sounds like you are trying to do the latter;)
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