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Hi Every one

Is the echo could work with a super Widget .?



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    Not at this time.
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    Hello, We just buy 25 ShowPix. I just test it… sound good. To be honest my favorite use is a pixel-mapping with a maximum of ShowPix to create a effect of a "strange" video-wall. But sometime I need to use 70 parameters… And update the video-library inside the ShowPix with personals animations and bitmaps. To do it, if I read correctly, I need to have a special usb upload module or a Wholehog single USB DMX widget. I try with the echo software and a ShowPix directly plug in usb in my latop… noway :p
    So we just have USB DMX Super Widget… Ok It’s not a single one, but try… noway :(

    Is it possible to make something to change this thing ??… buy single DMX widget just to upload some video whereas we have super widget is a little bit frustrating…

    I just show this post… not and this time… perhaps later?

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    Currently, Echo only supports the Single Universe Widget. We plan to add support for additional devices in the future, but I don't have an estimate for when this will be.
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    The best thing is to contact our support department directly at or 800-890-8989. I am going to email you some further information at the address you signed up the forums with. Please also email me your direct contact information at brad.schiller (at)

    Also you can find more details about using Echo and SHOWPIX on the product page at:

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