Super Widget Expansion

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are Super Widget Expansions installed into mk2 wings available to 2PC?


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    Yes this should function the same as long as you do not exceed the supported DMX outputs of Hog 2PC.
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    excellent, thanks.
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    A bit of a clarification: The MK2 designation refers to the CPU board that is inside the wing, not the style of the wing. The MK2 circuit board can be found in both the Road Hog Wing (Built in touchscreen) and the Miniwing (Blue anodized).

    Every Road Hog wing will have the MK2 CPU, but you'll find Miniwings with both versions. There's no advantage to one or the other; A chip went end-of-life, so we had to redo the board.

    Hog2PC doesn't install the drivers for the MK2 CPU. If you want to use an MK2-based wing with 2PC, you must also install a recent version of 3PC. That will install the proper drivers for the wing, which will then work with both 2PC and 3PC.
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    that's some mighty fine presale you've got goin on there.

    speaking of proper drivers, do they have any hope of ever getting signed?
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