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Hi all

Wondered if anyone has come across this happening and could tell me where I'm going wrong.

During a show I decided to make a strobe look for the Thomas Pixel Pars I was using. I made this, saved it to a new quelist and set the flash button to go when pressed and release when let go.

All was well but occasionly when I used it, it released the quelist that had the generic show pixelpar information in it.

This also happened when I made a parcans at full flash button. When used occasionly the quelist that had the parcan generic information in it released!

So folks, am I doing something wrong or is this a problem??

Many thanks



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    It sounds like the cuelist with the flash key setting is overriding (stomping) your main cuelist. This can occur when one list fully overrides the programming in another. You have two choices in this case:
    1. Make sure your flash key controlled list does not contain all values for all parameters that exist in your main list.
    2. on your main list turn on the cuelist option "persist on override" to keep the main cuelist from being stomped.

    See section 24.2.3 of the user manual/help for further information on "persist on override".
  • Socal_QSocal_Q Registered User
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    If you are trying to just program with intensities, which sounds like you are, try recording it into a scene and enable HTP. This enables you to control a intensity without having to hit "Go" and "Release" before and after you use the flash button or the fader, much like controlling intensities on a theater board with a bump button. Refer to page 239-242 in the current manual on how to record a scene, and page 265 on how to enable HTP
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