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There might already be a way to do it but someone the other day asked me and I was stumped. Is there a way to press like a zoom parameter and do @50 or @75 sort of short cut? They then went on to tell me that the grand ma does that and how much of a tool that they were. Also is there a way to slow the encoder wheel down. I am starting to the move to the realm of media servers and there is 254 folders and 254 files on accidently bump and you are near the other end of the channel?


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    There are some shortcuts on H3, but they work slightly differently.

    Firstly there are the key modifiers:
    - using the "+" key will allow you to jump from endstop to endstop (ie: 00% or 100%)
    - using the "." (dot) key allows you to jump to the default value set under Edit Fixtures (ie: 50% in the case of Zoom)
    There are other modifers as well, but none that pertain to what you are asking.

    There is currently nothing that jumps in smaller increments....if you need that you will have to build a palette....With one can define the increment (or DELTA as it is called) in user preferences for the buttons above and below the I-Wheel

    Secondly there are slotted parameters on H3:
    So for things like Gobos and Colours, you can jump very quickly between slots on the wheels.
    For media servers you can very quickly select things like colour or visual effects and see all your optins at a glance.
    You can not do either of these easily on a must nagivate up and down through several menus...and change this every time you change a paramter type...very tiresome.

    You can set the overall sensitivity of things like the encoder wheels and trackball under Preferences...these are global settings though....certain parameters can be adjusted in this way by holding down PIG (usually only 16 bit parameters though).

    There are several enhancements logged for being able to directly jump to media files and the like. (my personal long standing request is for being able to hold down SET and type a value directly into an encoder display others have requested using the arrow keys to bump up and down)

    Right now the fastest way is to select your fixtures then edit the media folder/file cells directly in the programmer and not use the wheels.

    Hope this helps.:)
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