Record cue list on Other Page

GDiluminacionGDiluminacion Registered User
Hi Guys

when we double click on LIST button the Cue lists Pop ups

How do i record any of this cue lits on any other page i am?

some body told me how to do it... but i´ve forgot it... :dunno:
i flunked!!!:rtfm:

best regards



  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited July 2008

    Calvin already answered your other post with the same question... and the answer is still the same "list # move choose". See also section 26.3.2 of the user manual for further details.
  • GDiluminacionGDiluminacion Registered User
    edited July 2008
    thank you Brad

    i understud.

    i don´t know why have this been double posted :confused:

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