Bug Report: Page Change leave running in background

rolfwenzelrolfwenzel Registered User, Hog Beta
Friends I stumbled into this by accident, as I use normally enough wings to avoid things like that, but this time one wing were stuck on transportation, so:

I decided to use the page option "leave in background". Most of my Movement Effects are always recorded as effect only, means no P/T Information in it.

But as soon as I leave the Page, where this Movement FX is on, the FX releases itself.
I found out, as soon as I got a Position Information together with that fx in the Cue, everything is fine, and it won't release with a Page change.

To do the official way:

Name: Rolf Wenzel
Date: 07/09/08
Software Version and build number: 2.6.0 (2071)
Number of displays: one
Connected USB Devices: 2 x PB Wing, 01 x PR Wing, 01 x Super Widget
Networked Devices: none

Detailed Description to be found above.

the Workaround I did was to integrate these FX Only Movement Cues into a template Page and everything was fine.



  • bellonsbellons Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited July 2008
    it souds to me like if you didn't have the pile add effects option disabled.
    Enable this option and double check again.
    hope this helps
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