Why three?

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I'm just curious and maybe this question has been asked before, but why does the DL3 have to be patched as three fixtures? Couldn't it just be one 170 channel fixture? It just seems like patching three different fixtures is a pain, when the channel arrangment never changes.


  • gwcwc3pogwcwc3po Registered User
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    When you patch a full Dl3 lets say you get 1 Dl3 motion 1 Dl3 Global and 3 Dl3 Graphic engine.

    Something you need to know is that a Dl3 can be patch in 3 different mod if I remember, 1 with only Motion+Global+Graphic1 there another one that its Motion+global+graphic1+Graphic2 and the last one the full one.

    Its all about how you use the dl3, I hope I answered your question.

  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    Here's a few reasons I came up with:

    If it was patched as one fixture, you couldn't group user numbers for the Motion, Global or Graphics together.

    Use of Axon. It patches exactly the same as the DL2/3 with the exception of the motion portion.

    If it were one large fixtures, you would be doing ALOT of paging in each type of button (IPCB). Where now, if you want to pan the head, you choose motion and pan. If it were one fixture, you choose the fixture and step though the many menus of what would be under position until you find "head pan." Same thing goes for global and graphic layers. You have effects 1 and 2 on the global layer as well as effects 1 and 2 on EACH graphic layer. It would take someone with EXCELLENT organizational skills to keep everything separated.

    Basically, I think it comes down to ease of programming. Yes, it patches the same. However, when it's broken down, I think the programmer works a lot faster.
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