Problem Getting CD to Trigger Timecode in Cue

Hello All,

I have a show I created in Version 2.2.1 on my Hog III last year that had a CUE LIST which was triggered by timecode from the built in CD.

Recently I upgraded my console to build 2.6.0 and for some reason or another I can't get the CD to trigger the Cue List.

1) The Cue list has Timecode enabled.
2) The I/O Settings in the Options window for the LIST is set to CONSOLE 1 with the TIMECODE ENABLED button activated.
3) Under CONSOLE SETTINGS in the Timecode section I have CD selected as the active port.
4) When I play the CD I can see "Playing", "Remaining", and "Track" values in the CD controls.
5) The CD Plays fine.

Is there something new in the software I need to activate in order for the cue list to "see" timecode?



  • Innovative IlluminationsInnovative Illuminations Registered User
    edited July 2008
    :Eyecrazy: Found the Problem. Turns out my console was set to CONSOLE 3 instead of 1.

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