how to create a fixture profile for a Microh LEDBAR II

salsolsalsol Registered User
hi i recently acquired a road hog and would like to setup my LEDBAR II fixtures but for the love of me when i create the fixture even though it uses 11 channels it only comes up with RGB in the programmer, i dont understand.

the fixture channels are as follows

1 macro
2 Intensity
3 Red 1
4 Green 1
5 Blue 1
6 Red 2
7 Green 2
8 Blue 2
9 Red 3
10 Green 3
11 Blue 3

even though i setup the fixture it bundles up all the colors into one, so i cant chase the different color numbers....grrrr

help please


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited June 2008
    You should post a request in the "Library Requests" section of the forums.

    Meantime you could patch a Desk Channel as the intensity and then several RGB LED fixtures to get it working (and another Desk Channel for the Macro if you really need it....this is a really annoying DMX layout for an LED fixture IMO!!:mad: )

    Hope this helps:)
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