iPC lagging as show server

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Last week i run my first network show with
Hog iPC and WH3, DMX runs from iPC internal widget and DP2000. iPC runs as show server with 8 dmx lines.
All desks run in v2.4.0, i know about new version but has no time to install it. (and no patchnotes about network improvements)

Show file attached: http://rapidshare.com/files/123060328/MAX_bck.hog3.tar.gz.html
There is empty file saved before programming, if complete file needed - i can save if from desk and upload later.

In few words:
problem exists when i interact with iPC programmer, and biggest stall hits when i try to rotate iPC shuttles.
Lags hit WH3 interactive responce (programmer and playback settings), and it hit responce of internal iPC wydget.
Smaller but visible hit: when i change playback options form iPC. Seems right after change WH3 stalls for 2secs (maybe desk download all data, not only changed?)

And truly strange - simple operation:take 100 desk chans on hand and rotate shuttle.
When i do this on iPC - there is visible delay for up to 1sec (no interactions with WH3 in this time)
When i do this on WH3 - clear. (no interaction with iPC)

When i don`t even touch iPC, WH3 runs faster, but anyway DP2000 responce much faster then iPC wydget.
(from iPC playbacks responce of 8 lines are same)

So now few questions:
1) Is it really possible to program networked show from two desks side by side? What if 2 desk are WH3?
2) Suggestions for "right" topology, where must be show server? Maybe on PC with Hog3PC, or on WH3? Can show server run normally with constant user interaction?


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited June 2008
    I have added your comments to bug #11295, "Local OBs do not perform well when programming on a client desk"

    What you will find is that external DPs work much better in a multi-console setup with our current software as this seperates the show server process from the DP process. If you were to take your iPC show, patch to external DPs and log on a client H3 you would find the DP output performance to be much smoother than that of the internal OBs on the iPC. This is what our currently logged bug deals with.

    So to answer your questions:
    Yes, it is possible to program a networked show using two desk and it will work with two WH3 but it will also work with two iPCs or two Full Boars or any combination of these desks, but your best performance will come when using external DPs and are not relying on the local OBs running on the PC consoles (that is, until we fix the bug).
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